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Written by Derek Kessler,   
Saturday, 10 November 2007 22:51

Walter Koenig's science fiction drama InAlienable premiered yesterday at Paramount Studios, and will now be available online on December 15th. InAlienable stars several science fiction personalities, including Richard Hatch, Marina Sirtis, Erick Avari, and Walter Koenig. Also appearing are several Star Trek veterans, such as Gary Graham and Alan Ruck. The entire 105-minute movie will be available online for the low price of $2.99 a showing.
InAlienable follows the story of a Eric Norris, a man who is guilt-ridden over an accident that took the lives of his family. He then discovers that his body is serving as a host to a parasite from another world. Except, it is more than a parasite: it also carries his DNA. Is this his new son or - as the government believes - a threat to mankind?

"InAlienable is a work of love by all that were involved," Walter Koenig stated. "I’m extremely proud of our production team, cast and crew. As to our groundbreaking use of the Internet for initial distribution, I have to say it’s exciting to go where no one has gone before."

The script was written by Walter Koenig and directed by Robert Dyke.

InAlienable will be available to the general public on December 15th, to any computer with a broadband internet connection. Viewers will visit the Renegade Studios website and pay a mere $2.99 per showing.

Visit: InAlienable Website
Visit: Renegade Studios

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