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At first, the scene at the Fine Arts Theatre resembles any other Hollywood movie première. Autograph hunters throng the red carpet, cameras flash like strobe lights, and passing cars slow down in the hope of a celebrity sighting. But a closer look reveals something amiss. No one from the evening entertainment TV shows is here. Someone in the crowd is wearing what look like blue pajamas, Nike-swoosh eyebrows, and pointy ears. And when a driver rolls down his window to ask which film is being screened, he's confused by the answer: "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men."

This isn't the première for 2009's "Star Trek" reboot by movie director J.J. Abrams. The budget of "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" probably wouldn't cover the cost of Spock's ears in that film. But the independent feature, funded by a single fan and made outside the aegis of franchise owners Paramount Pictures and CBS, does boast a cast and crew of "Star Trek" alumni. Indeed, fans of the show have come to the theater to witness the onscreen reunification of Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig – Uhura and Chekov from the original series – both of whom are working the red carpet.

"The 40th anniversary of 'Star Trek' was coming up and it didn't appear at the time that Paramount was going to do anything about it," says Sky Conway, the film's producer. "This was a way of looking back ... to celebrate this modern mythology that Gene Roddenberry created."

To film the story, which depicts several Starfleet members trapped in an alternate reality, the crew had to boldly go to what seemed like the final frontier: an abandoned automotive garage in upstate New York. There, in a barnlike structure 30 minutes away from Port Henry, a "Star Trek" hobbyist had painstakingly created a $100,000 replica of the USS Enterprise's bridge.

"They wouldn't let me on the set until my first shot," recalls Nichols of the 2006 shoot. "I was stunned.... It was a perfect duplicate. I felt like I wanted to walk right over to my seat, sit down, and put on my 'Bluetooth' and say, 'hailing frequencies open, Captain.' "

For his part, Koenig subconsciously crossed his legs under his old console, just as he did on the old TV show. The actor did the movie partly for the work, but also because the script was an opportunity for his Russian weapons officer to do more than deliver expository dialogue such as, "Admiral, ve have found the nuclear wessel."

"It was something I could sink my teeth into and investigate emotionally," Koenig says.

"Of Gods and Men" is the most high- profile example of a growing number of "Trek" fan films available online.

"They're permitted to exist, so long as they don't make a profit," says Bonnie Malmat, manager of the Trek Today fan site. "Perhaps [the copyright owners] figure that the more people involved in fandom – even watching this – the more [they] will turn to their authorized productions."

Koenig stresses that "Of Gods and Men" is several steps above amateur fan films, one of which he starred in back in 2006. Veterans of shows such as "Deep Space 9," "Voyager," "Enterprise," and "The Next Generation" worked for minimum pay on the difficult shoot. Without air conditioning, the July temperatures were hot enough to melt a dilithium crystal. The crew, already reeling from swarming mosquitoes and a lack of cellphone reception, decided to shoot at night when it was cooler. The lowest point, according to associate producer Linda Zaruches, was when two actors finally nailed the film's most emotional scene at 3 a.m. – only to have the sound of a passing train ruin the shot.

After principal photography, it took two years for volunteers to create elaborate special-effects sequences. But the less-than $200,000 film won't be coming to a theater near you. Instead, it's available online for free at

In a rare moment when he isn't posing for photographs at the one-off screening, Koenig assesses the film's place in the "Trek" universe. "It speaks so eloquently to the lasting power of this entity," he says. "It keeps going on and on."

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AwardStar Trek: Of Gods and Men is very proud to announce that we have won the 2008 Syfy Portal Genre Award for Best Web Production! The following is an excerpt, written by Michael Hinman, from announcing the STOGAM win:

"In a category that will likely gain more and more prominence as years go on, "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" took Best Web Production, beating out a very strong slate that included "Star Trek: Odyssey," "The House Between" and "Star Trek: New Voyages." Actor Tim Russ, best known as Tuvok from "Star Trek: Voyager," told SyFy Portal in a statement after the award was announced on SyFy Radio that he was proud of receiving a SyFy Genre Award.

"For everyone who poured their time, energy and creativity into the making of this project, I give my sincerest congratulations," said Russ, who directed the online production."

You can read more about all the winners of the SyFy Genre Awards here:  LINK

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Star Trek: Of Gods and Men has been nominated for a 2008 Syfy Portal Genre Award for Best Web Production. Other nominees in the catagory are, Illiad, Star Trek: Odyssey, Returned, The House Between, Webisode VIII, Sanctuary and World Enough and Time, Star Trek: New Voyages.

Follow the this link to vote for Star Trek: Of Gods and Men today!
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Sunday, 15 June 2008 16:29
Part 3 of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men is now available! Friday night we sent a link out to all our newsletter subscribers and today, this morning, we have released it well ahead of its 5:01 pm release time. For those who have already seen parts 1 and/or 2 and still have the link, part 3 is also now on that same link so you wont need to have an email sent to you. For those that don't have the link please click below and follow the instructions:

When you get (or go to , if you already have it) the link, you will see that we offer 4 selections:

- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3
- Watch all 3 continuously back to back to back.

Enjoy the Film!

Last Updated on Sunday, 15 June 2008 16:55
Part 3 to be released on June 15th PDF Print E-mail

Part III of the highly-praised internet webisode Star Trek: Of Gods and Men will premiere on
Sunday, June 15th at 5:01 p.m. Eastern Time

(Please note, there may be a possiblity of it being released earlier than June 15th, so stay tuned!)

In this action packed final installment we are introduced to 3 new characters played by Daamen J. Krall, Herbert Jefferson Jr. and Grace Lee Whitney as well as cameos from guest stars of the original Star Trek series such as Arlene Martel, Jack Donner, Tania Lemani and Celeste Yarnall. Act 3 gives us a spectacular battle between Rebel and Galactic Order forces while dealing with the personal dilemmas of our principal characters as they uncover more revelations, culminating in the final outcome of the story. This final act has a great mixture of drama, action and suspense sure to please Star Trek fans of all ages.

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men stars Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols (Uhura and Chekov from original Star Trek) along with Alan Ruck (Captain John Harriman of the seventh feature film, Star Trek Generations). Joining them are Grace Lee Whitney (original Star Trek ); Garrett Wang and Ethan Phillips (Voyager); Cirroc Lofton, Chase Masterson and JG Hertzler (Deep Space Nine), Gary Graham and Crystal Allen (Enterprise), Herb Jefferson (Battlestar Galactica) plus Tim Russ (Voyager), who also directed.

Producer Sky Douglas Conway and Deep Space Nine freelance storywriters Jack Trevino and Ethan H. Calk wrote OGAM . Director of photography is Doug Knapp . In addition, many artists in the field of makeup and lighting have joined them for what has proved to be a history-making event.

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men was produced in association with and was filmed in part on the “New Voyages” set in New York state as well as locations in Los Angeles.

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