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Cirroc LoftonCirroc Lofton as Sevar

Cirroc Lofton played Jake Sisko, the son of Captain Benjamin Sisko, and the youngest regular cast member of any Star Trek series. An army brat who doesn't remember life on Earth, Jake had been aboard four different starships before his arrival on Deep Space Nine.


Born in Los Angeles, Lofton entered the acting arena at the age of nine, when he appeared in an educational program entitled "Agency for Instructional Technology." Lofton describes his acting debut, "I have always loved to act, in fact my first starring role was in an elementary school play when I portrayed Martin Luther King, Jr." Lofton's ability to portray a variety of characters enabled him to do national commercials for McDonald's Corporation, Tropicana Orange Juice, Kellogg's Rice Krispies and Capri Sun. In 1990, Lofton appeared in the Universal film "Beethoven," starring Charles Grodin. After ST:DS9's end, Lofton starred in the Showtime series The Hoop Life.

Lofton acknowledges the warm relationship he developed with on-screen father Avery Brooks, "We became very close," he continues, "I enjoyed Avery's companionship on and off the set."

Biography courtesy of http://www.startrek.com/
The Stars of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
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