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William Wellman Jr.,

William Wellman Jr. as Charlie Evans

Rangy, sturdy-looking actor William Wellman Jr. portrays Charlie Evans from the original series episode “Charlie X.” Wellman was born in Los Angeles on January 20, 1937, one of seven children born to legendary director William “Wild Bill” Wellman and his fifth wife, one-time actress Dorothy Coonan Wellman, who appeared in a few of her husband's pictures.

Bill Jr. spent most of his childhood surround by Hollywood celebrities, including Gary Cooper, Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda, Carole Lombard, Frank Capra, Lana Turner, and Peter Lawford. His first girlfriend was Jane Fonda. Following graduation, he attended Duke University but eventually abandoned that direction for a career in the movies.

Starting off at age 19 in featured parts in the war pictures Lafayette Escadrille (1958) and Darby's Rangers (1958), both of which directed by his father, Bill Jr. also found other work on his own. Some of the teen exploitation he found himself in have since attained cult status, including High School Confidential! (1958), Macumba Love (1960) and College Confidential (1960). "Billy Jack" director Tom Laughlin also began using Bill prominently in his early work such as Like Father Like Son (1961) and The Born Losers (1967). He also managed to find some unbilled bits in several of Jerry Lewis' film slapstick of the 1960s, and fell in with the party crowd in A Swingin' Affair (1963), Winter A-Go-Go (1965) and A Swingin' Summer (1965). His TV career kicked in as the 1960s approached with a number of rugged guest roles on such established westerns as "Have Gun, Will Travel," "Rawhide," "Laramie" and "Gunsmoke." Throughout those years, he worked regularly in movies, television, stage, commercials and print modeling.

In later years, Bill found work in a few more cult classics, including Black Caesar (1973), It's Alive (1974/I), and Laughlin's "Billy Jack" sequels. Establishing himself as a solid character actor, he took the lead in the apocalypse thrillers Image of the Beast (1980) and The Prodigal Planet (1983), the latter featuring daughter Cathy Wellman. Bill has managed longevity and durability in a very difficult business. He is credited with nearly 200 movies and television shows, 17 stage productions and some 200 commercial and industrial films. In 1981, he was awarded the Best Actor of The Year by the Christian Film Distributors for Heartland's BROTHER ENEMY. He was nominated again in 1982 for Mark IV Pictures' THE PRODIGAL PLANET. He has occasionally appeared as a guest lecturer and has been active at autograph conventions. Of his many siblings, sister Cissy Wellman has also established herself on stage, film and TV.

Wellman portrayed a Bajoran Officer in the DS9 episode "Favor the Bold."

Biography courtesy of www.imdb.com & http://www.startrek.com/

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