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Chase Masterson

Chase Masterson as Xela

Chase Masterson portrays Xela, the sultry, seductive Orion communications officer.

Chase Masterson is probably best known as the sweet and sexy Barjoran Dabo girl Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She originally auditioned for the role of "Marta", Jake Sisko's Bajoran girlfriend, on DS9.

She was one of two actresses up for the part but lost out because she was considered a bit too attractive. The role of Leeta, a dabo girl, was written with her in mind, even though she still had to audition for the role.

Besides her work on DS9, Masterson's television credits include FOX's Sliders, UPN's Live Shot and the World Wide Web's interactive soap EON 4. Masterson was also named the co-host of Showtime's Saturday night program Showtime Nighttime. Her guest appearances have included a recurring role on General Hospital, as well as the nighttime drama Acapulco Heat. Masterson also guest-starred in ER's Emmy-winning episode "Hell and High Water".

On the film front, Masterson most recently starred in "Sammyville." She has also shown up as Commanding Officer Callie O'Grady in the Stephen King-based thriller "Ice Station: Erebus" and co-starred with Bridget Wilson in the fantasy feature "Marina." Her other feature films include "Digital Man," "In a Moment of Passion" and "Married People, Single Sex," for which she was nominated for a Drive-In Academy Award.

A fan favorite, Masterson can also be seen starring with Former CIA head William Colby in the CD-ROM "Spycraft: The Great Game." Chase received a BFA in Acting from the University of Texas. She spent 8 years as a professional dancer, and is a member of the improvisational group "The Groundlings."

Biography courtesy of http://www.startrek.com/ and www.imdb.com
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