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Former 'Star Trek' stars reunite for independent film 'Of Gods and Men'
By Michael Sheriden New York Daily News Staff Writer

"So, have you seen the latest "Star Trek" movie?

No, I'm not talking about the J.J. Abrams big-budget feature film due in theaters in 2009, I'm talking about that other "Star Trek" film.

Wait, you haven't heard about it? Well, that's not surprising, not too many people have.

"Star Trek: Of Gods and Men," a unique feature-length production sporting an impressive cast of former Star Trek luminaries and regulars, is available online - for free.

"I thought a film that celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek would be ... fun," said Douglas Conway (whom everyone calls Sky), a writer and executive producer of "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men."

The film, shot on a paper-thin budget in less than two weeks back in 2006, was produced largely in upstate New York. Some scenes were filmed in Los Angeles, and the array of special effects were created in several locations, including Australia. The producers hoped to have it released in early 2007, but delay after delay postponed its debut.

"Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" was eventually broken up into three acts. The first premiered online in December 2007. The third and final act was made available on the Internet last weekend.

Headlining the cast are Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols, famous for their taboo-breaking roles as Ensign Chekov and Lieutenant Uhura, respectively, in the original "Star Trek" series.

"I did not have that strong a need to revisit the character," Koenig told the Daily News about his initial reaction when approached about the project. But when he understood where they were going with the story and the character, he was happy to sign on.

"These folks were really very dedicated," Koenig said, praising the cast and crew. "I'm pleased we were able to do something for a very small amount of money that had some really good dynamics."

Koenig had last appeared on the big screen as Chekov in 1994's "Star Trek: Generations." However, he did make an appearance in a fan film last year that allowed him the opportunity to say goodbye to the character.

But his role in "Of Gods and Men" was a departure from the Chekov we've known before. In this case, we're offered a more twisted, vengence-filled character.

"In the back of my head, there was Chekov, but then I was able to move away from that," Koenig explained.

The story features Chekov and Uhura as the pair are thrust into an adventure in a parallel universe where Captain James T. Kirk never existed, and the galaxy is in turmoil. The two are joined by Captain John Harriman, who commanded the Enterprise-B in "Generations." Alan Ruck, of "Spin City" and "Ferris Beuller's Day Off" fame, reprises the role he played in that film."

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Website Reviews:

Review of " Star Trek: Of Gods And Men" Part 3
By John Tenuto,

The third and final act of the independent Star Trek: Of Gods and Men saga is available starting Sunday June 15th. was given an early preview of this excellent action-packed conclusion, replete with Trekkie nods and a great starship battle.

This time, it really is "Of Gods and Men"
Of Gods and Men
 ultimately reveals the meaning of its title, with battles on the Guardian Planet between gods and starship battles between men. The story is set mostly in the alternative reality, as the restored Chekov and Uhura work with former enemy Harriman to battle Kirot Prime and his Galactic Order. At stake is the restoration of the proper timeline.

The episode begins where Act 2 left off with a bit of a quick (and too convenient) resolution to the "to be continued" cliffhanger. The action then moves to the big reveal (pictured below) that the main villain, ’Kirot Prime’ is actually Gary Mitchell. While this is an inspired nod of continuity, the reveal loses a bit of drama because Gary Lockwood’s Mitchell has been recast (with Daamen J. Krall), requiring Nichelle Nichol’s Uhura to let the audience in on who he is. Besides those minor issues, there is much to like about this chapter of OGAM.

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Fan Comments:

This movie is great

" I have to say that I know it is low budget but if your a real Star Trek fan then you will still enjoy the movie! It has many great actors that you will already know and love.

This for me is a good stop gap before the new movie and it is worth a few hours of your time watching it.

The movie picks a story that is new to us but relates to a story that we might already know about so in that respect it really makes it just a stop gap.

It is good to see some of the old cast from STO but also good to see some of the voyager crew in it.

Sit down and relax with a beer of too and enjoy it! I know I did. "

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Proves That The Trek Universe Has Nothing to Do With FX

" When you get right down to it, Star Trek is about characters. Not CGI. This production offers downright primitive FX, but the characterizations are riveting. Walter Koenig gives a devastating performance -- his best ever -- that actually made me irate when I considered how his immense talent was squandered for so long in corporate Trek. Likewise with Garrett Wang. In Voyager, his Harry Kim was, like many corporate Star Trek characters, bland and generally uninteresting. (That's why alternate time line/universe Trek stories are always superior.) Nichelle Nichols' performance here outshines anything she's done in any of the TOS feature films. Alan Ruck as Harriman oscillates between menacing and hysterical. And JG Hertzler as Koval sets a new standard for menacing Klingons. Chase Masterson (call me!) as the Orion slave girl continues to be the hottest flame in the Star Trek universe. It was great to see Lawrence Montaigne reprise the role of the Vulcan Stonn, and Gary Graham rounds out a truly professional acting ensemble. I'd rather watch cheap productions like this one -- with twisty plots and interesting, passionate characters -- over the slick, simplistic, corporate dreck. Let's see if the upcoming Star Trek prequel -- with its $150 MILLION budget -- can deliver this kind of intense, emotionally engaging adventure. I doubt it. "

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