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Neil Armstrong"I have ridden on 13 different rocket engines, and had the privilege of commanding three different types of spacecraft, traveling as fast as 25,000 miles per hour. Candidly, and unfortunately, all of those were primitive — none of them had warp drive. The Enterprise is about 100,000 times faster than anything I ever flew. Our crafts did not even have the ability to leave our solar system. Lucky for those Klingons!

   "Not having a transporter was a significant disadvantage. The method we used to descend from orbit to the surface of an alien world, uhh... worked," the astronaut continued to the crowd's laughter, "but it would've been far more efficient and far less traumatic if we could just be beamed down. I'm hoping for my next command, to be given a Federation starship. When I get that command, I would like to have a crew like Captain James T. Kirk had: Spock, Chekov and Uhura, Dr. McCoy, Sulu, and the others we all remember.

"Now, I have a confession to make. I am an engineer. And if I get that command, I want a Chief Engineering officer like—" he took on a Scottish lilt— "Montgomery Scott. Because I know Scotty will get the job done, and do it right. Even if I often hear him say, 'But Caeptain, I dunna have enough time!' So from one old engineer to another, thanks Scotty".

Neil Armstrong, Keynote address at the James Doohan Farewell Tribute, Hollywood CA, August 31 2004.

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